2 cone coffee filters

If You Care Coffee Filters No. 2 Cone Brown -- 100 Filters - Vitacost
Place the filter properly into the filter cone or basket. Use fine ground coffee, Add one tablespoon of coffee for each cup, or according to your coffee maker's instructions. Fits all No. 2cone style coffee makers. CoffeeFilters: Compostable.

Filtropa #2 Unbleached Disposable Cone Coffee Filters
Disposable ConeCoffeeFilters for making coffee in automated coffee makers or coffee accessories developed for manual, pour-over coffee brewing. Made in Holland, they are completely chlorine-free paper, utilizing sustainable production processes.

Melitta Cone Coffee Filters - 100 ct - #2 White - Boyer's Coffee
The Melitta ConeCoffeeFilters match perfectly with the Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker. They are a high quality, 100% chlorine free thick paper filter with microfine perforations. The filters will allow the full, rich flavor of coffee to come through while filtering out and sediment to produce a clean cup.

Simply Done #2 Cone Coffee Filters - Hy-Vee Aisles Online Grocery...
Coffee Preparation: 1. Seat filter firmly in basket, on bottom. 2. For each 6 fl oz cup, add 1 level tbsp of coffee, drip your favorite grind. 3. Use appropriate amount of water. 4. To minimize absorption of cooking odors, keep filters in closed bag in drawer or cabinet.