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Movies Quiz / AnimatedBestPictureNominations. Random Movies or Pixar Quiz. Can you name the only three animated films that have been nominated for BestPicture at the Academy Awards?

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Of course BestPicturenominations for animated films are extremely rare. When there were just five nominees only 1991’s Disney film, Beauty And The Beast, managed to make that cut, but that was before there was even an Animated Feature category where most Academy members think these.

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Walt Disney animation returned to its hand-drawn roots for The Princess and the Frog, which revolves around Princess Tianna, a 1920s New Orleans waitress and aspiring restaurant owner who is persuaded to kiss a frog in order to turn him back into a human.

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Search Winners & Nominees. Golden Globe Awards. Our Nominees: Best Motion Picture-Animated. by Ana Maria Bahiana December 20, 2016.

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1995 BestPictureNominees: Braveheart (winner) Apollo 13 Babe Sense and Sensibility Il Postino: The Postman. Toy Story is a truly groundbreaking film in the history of cinema. As the first completely computer-animated film ever made, it brought in tons of critical praise, was a massive financial.

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Tuesday morning’s Oscar nominations for bestanimated film skewed towards Disney Animation, stop-motion films, the international and the quirky — but Disney’s Pixar saw a rare shutout in

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Because the winners of bestanimatedpicture are often whatever nominee did best at the box office, regardless of quality, actually winning the award doesn’t mean as much as one might think. However, getting nominated is a big deal, especially for small or independent animators.