Bubble soccer game

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Bubblesoccer became famous because of filmed in a TV show called Golden Gole. Originally, the bubble suits used in a soccergame was invented by Canadians in 2008.

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You can play games like BubbleSoccer, King of the Ring, Capture the Flag and Bubble Football. BubbleBall is perfect for birthday parties, company picnics, school events, and much more.

bubble soccer game
With package of 24 bubblesoccer suits, now it’s time to start the business of renting bubblesoccer. We promise you that we use the high quality material to make our bubblesoccer.

Bubble Soccer Game
The bubblesoccergame is played just like a traditional soccergame with two halves, anywhere from 25-45 minutes per half. Teams play in team sizes ranging from 6-on-6 to full 11-on-11 soccer matches.

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Click to play BubbleSoccerGame! The most amazing soccergame that you have ever played. Action from the first tap. Tap to tackle or dribble. Swipe to shoot to other players or at the goal.

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Bubblesoccer is the revolutionary new sport. This new game style involves all players dressed in full bubble suits. This adds a far more exciting and enjoyable element to the.