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Carel Fabritius - Dutch painter -
CarelFabritius: CarelFabritius, Dutch Baroque painter of portraits, genre, and narrative subjects whose concern with light and space influenced the stylistic development of the mid-17th-century.

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CarelFabritius: View in Delft, 1652. Oil on canvas The National Gallery, London, UK. His life was short, his surviving paintings are few, about a dozen, and almost every one of them is a masterpiece.

Carel Fabritius (February 27, 1622 — October 12, 1654), Dutch painter
CarelFabritius was a Dutch Baroque painter, a representative of the Delft School. He created portraits, genre, and narrative paintings characterized by a brilliant manage of light and space.

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CarelFabritius oil painting reproductions for sale. Create oil paintings from your images, fine art by hand-painted with oil on canvas. Dutch painter , 1622-1654.