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Recovery from a coma depends, to a considerable extent, on the original cause of the coma and on the severity of any brain damage. Some patients (e.g. patients in a diabetic coma) will make a...

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Recovery from Coma Is a Reality for Many Patients- is the title of an article by Liz Townsend in National Right to Life News, October 2001.

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For the coma patients, the brain scans were only conducted once any sedative drugs were out of their system. Three months after their injuries, four of the coma patients had recovered consciousness...

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Audio Coma Therapy was designed to expedite coma recovery and thus, giving the patient the greatest chance for full recovery; and in some cases, prove to save their lives.

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These scales also help doctors evaluate a patient's chance of recovery. X-Rays and Imaging Medical technologies

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Doctors have been unable to predict which coma patients might awaken. Even the extent of a subsequent vegetative state is not predictive of recovery odds...

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Hearing familiar stories from loved ones over a period of time can lead to a more rapid recovery for coma patients. (Getty Images/iStockphoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto).

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Cases of late recovery point to the remarkable plasticity of the human brain and its potential for long-term recovery.1.

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The team found that patients who scored better on the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised scale, especially those with a stronger arousal, had body temperature patterns closely aligned with a healthy...

Family voices and stories speed coma recovery

She is the lead author of a new study that shows that stories spoken by loved ones help awaken coma patients' unconscious brains and speed recovery.

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Coma patients who heard familiar stories repeated by family members four times a day for six weeks, via recordings played over

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Do the recovered coma patient remember the dream if they have been having one? Have there been any sleep studies performed on coma patients? How does glucose help a patient recover?

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During the first stage of coma patients are incapable of voluntary activities such as eye opening, and speech.

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New research suggests familial voices stimulate the consciousness of comatose patients, shortening recovery time and improving post-coma brain health.

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Gradual recovery will be there for people who do wake up from a coma or comatose. The patients may be very confused and agitated to start with.

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The investigators will follow severely brain-injured patient in coma. Clinical examination using standardized behavioural scales: FOUR score (Full Outline of UnResponsivess), Coma Recovery...

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Documents. Immunological and endocrinological disturbances in patients after prolonged coma following head injury.

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Here's a feel good jaw-dropper just in time for Christmas. Following a horrific car crash, Arizona college student Sam Schmid was labeled brain dead and given no expectation of recovery.

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It is concluded that at the current stage of medical sciences the maximum duration of coma compatible with the subsequent full recovery of mental activity of the patient under 30 years does not exceed 11...

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Convenience sample of 80 patients with severe acquired brain injury admitted to an inpatient Coma Intervention

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The purpose of the Coma Recovery Scale - Revised (CRS-R) is to assist with differential diagnosis, prognostic assessment and treatment planning in patients with disorders of consciousness...

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Among other scales of behavioural assessment, the CRS-R (Coma Recovery Scale Revised)2 is used clinically in patients with disorders of consciousness to measure the degree of visual...

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Whyte says that coma patients who recover seldom complain of painful events or treatment during their comatose

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Leaving out those people whose coma followed drug poisoning, only about 15% of patients who remain in a coma for more than just a few hours make a good recovery.

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The overall outcome was poor, with only 10% of the 500 patients making a good recovery and 63% dying without recovering from coma or recovering only to the level of vegetation.

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The patient in a coma may exhibit spontaneous body movements. Patients may shake or jerk abnormally, and the eyes may move.

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PVS RECOVERY. Back from the dead: A cure for comas. Reborn. Ambien Gives Hope To Coma Patients. Sleeping pill 'woke up' man in coma. - Awakenings: Coma Patients Can Recover

Valko recounted, "I used to get teased for talking to comatose patients. I was even asked if I talked

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During the first stage of coma patients are incapable of voluntary activities such as eye opening, and speech.

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Sometimes, comatose patients are totally unaware of their states and environments; sometimes they are partially or fully aware but cannot

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coma recovery. It is well know the fact that neural cells are deteriorating when specific diseases are occurring

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What methods are used in helping coma patients recover? (e.g. physical therapy). Assuming full recovery, how long before the patient is 90-100% back to normal?

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They recruited 27 comatose patients who had severe brain injury and compared them to 14 healthy participants of

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Most comas don't last more than two to 4 weeks. Recovery is usually gradual, with patients becoming more and more aware over time. They may be awake and alert for only a few minutes the first day...

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In order to minister effectually to comatose patients, pastors should under stand certain basic facts about coma.

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The investigators will follow severely brain-injured patient in coma. Clinical examination using standardized behavioural scales: FOUR score (Full Outline of UnResponsivess), Coma Recovery...

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Coma is rarely permanent. Some patients may show dramatic recovery from coma and may eventually appear completely normal. Other comatose patients may have a partial recovery and be...

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...of Coma and Consciousness (NICC) at Massachusetts General Hospital studies how patients recover consciousness after a severe traumatic brain injury and how to promote the recovery process.

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Are there stages of recovery from a head injury and if so what are they? When the patient is asleep after a head injury is called coma or unconscious.

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We present, in the appendix, the Italian version of the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised (CRS-R), a reliable tool that can distinguish patients in the minimally conscious state from those in a vegetative...