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Your compostingtoilet shouldn't smell, but you could actually make it smell nice, by adding coffee grinds to it. Arrange to get coffee grinds from your local coffee shop on a regular basis, and add them.

Why bathrooms with composting toilets smell better
OK, compostingtoilets are about a lot more than bathrooms that don’t stink. The main reason that people who consider themselves environmentalists install them is to prevent problems associated with.

What Is a Composting Toilet - How Compost Toilets Work - More FAQ
2. Does a compostingtoiletsmell bad? Absolutely not. Our compostingtoilets are odorless for two reasons. First, sewer gasses are a byproduct of anaerobic composting, which means that the.

Do composting toilets smell bad? – Sprinter Adventure Van
How can a compostingtoilet not smell? Mrs. Dieselfumes inherited her father’s ability to clear a room with his gaseous emissions. You’d think that would cause massive problems using a composting.

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Therefore, compostingtoilets do not smell or leave a bad odor in the lavatory or area where the compostingtoilet is installed. Decomposition takes place and the process to produce an end product.