Corinthian bells 50 inch wind chime

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QMT Windchimes manufactures CorinthianBells and other high quality hand tuned windchimes. All QMT chimes are proudly Made in the USA.

Corinthian Bells 50-inch Wind Chimes
At 50inches, the CorinthianBells 516 windchime is hand-tuned to the scale of A-major. This chime presents a rich, full chord to its listeners, with the resonance of tone for which all CorinthianBellswindchimes are known. Available for custom, personalized engraving.

Corinthian bells 50 inch windchime, black - [PDF Document]
1. CorinthianBells50-inchWindchime, Black Price: Check PriceMore ImagesProduct DescriptionOur most popular midsize chime, the 50" T516 is a proven favorite of many windchime enthusiasts. Its tones closely match thesinging range of most people..(read more).