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Find bicycle tracks and map rides, Cycle... - Bikemap - Your bike routes

Bikemap is the world's biggest bike route collection. Find your perfect cycling route, create your own bike trails, and discover the most stunning cycling destinations.

The Best Offline Mapping Tools for Cycle Touring

Pros: It has several must have features for cycle touring like cycle route overlays, turn-by-turn directions, contour lines and hill shading, GPS navigation coordinate mapping, and...

MapMyRide ride Mapping Editor - MapMyRide - Route Details

Flip the start and end points of a route. Fill the screen with your route. Take the same path back to start.

RouteLoops: Free, custom route planner for biking and running mapping

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OS Maps: online mapping and walking, running and cycling routes

Discover maps for all of GB, discover local walking, running and cycling routes or create and share your own. Use it for free now.

GPS cycle route planning made easy - how to plan and... -

cycle. Read more: Best cheap GPS cycling computers. Planning a route using mapping software or an app has its advantages.

GMaps Pedometer for Running, Walking, Cycling, and Hiking

Select Run/Walk, Cycle, Drive, or Straight line to modify the way the map route is computed between marked points. Click and drag the last point marker to move point's location. - cycling route maps with elevation profiles is a route planning & geo-analysis tool for cyclists, runners, walkers, hikers - people on the move.

Cycling Route Mapping_Norgould Finder

Bikely is a free and easy to use bicycle route mapping and sharing website created by cyclists for cyclists.

Cycling Route Software Informer: MapView is mapping software...

Featured Cycling Route free downloads and reviews. Latest updates on everything Cycling Route Software related.

Cycling route mapping - App Demo

Cycling route mapping. by danbuster8. 109 views. Map your route using this mapping app. You like this demo? Make one for your own app!

Cycle across the Netherlands using the... - Holland Cycling Routes

Besides cycle routes, the route planner also provides information about points of interest, such as picnic benches and

MapMyRun run Mapping Editor - MapMyRun - Route Details

Flip the start and end points of a route. Fill the screen with your route. Take the same path back to start.

Mapping of walking and cycling routes - West Lothian Council

In addition to the National Cycle Network routes crossing West Lothian, the area offers a variety of local walking and cycling routes.

Route Planner - Directions, traffic and maps - AA

Use AA Route Planner to get directions. Find routes from a street, postcode, town, city or landmark to your destination. With maps, times, distance and miles.

bicycle route mapping - Asdnyi

The Adventure Cycling Route Network features rural and low-traffic bicycling routes through some of the most scenic and historically significant terrain in North America.

Great Circle Mapper

The Great Circle Mapper displays maps and computes distances along a geodesic path. It includes an extensive, searchable database of airports and other locations.

Route Mapper - Pindar Creative - Cycle Routes

Then Route Mapper from Pindar Creative can help. Cycle Routes. Do you want to create an editable database of cycle routes, crossings, cycle parking facilities in your area?

MapMyWalk walk Mapping Editor - MapMyWalk - Route Details

Flip the start and end points of a route. Fill the screen with your route. Take the same path back to start.

Walking Routes, Hiking & Cycling Trails, GPS & OS Maps - ViewRanger

ViewRanger is your digital guide to the outdoors, with hundreds of thousands of downloadable route guides, free worldwide maps, and powerful GPS navigation features.

USATF - America's Running Routes - Map It

Map and measure your favorite running routes and save them to the country's largest searchable database of running routes so others can run them.

Airline Route Mapper

Airline Route Mapper. A Windows program for exploring route maps of over 550 airlines! Last updated: June 28, 2014.

Comparison of Route Mapping Websites - Bike Lane Ends

When I got back into cycling in 2009 after about a six year hiatus, I did a bit of a survey for route mapping tools and I was aware of at least RideWithGPS and BikeRouteToaster.

CycleMap - Discover the world on your bike!

Get detailed information about any route. Elevation, surface, distance, speed, and much more! See one you like?

Map Bike Rides with Elevation Profiles, Analyze Cycling Performance...

Ride with GPS creates tools that allow cyclists to plan, navigate, and share great rides. Using our website & app, riders can create detailed routes with cuesheets then navigate using...

OS Maps: online mapping and walking, running and cycling routes

Discover maps for all of GB, discover local walking, running and cycling routes or create and share your own. Use it for free now.

Airline Route Mapper Tutorial

Airline Route Mapper Tutorial. If your initial search for an award flight does not provide you with any options that you like, you may have better luck searching one segment at a time.

Route Mapper app downloads & alternatives - DownloadAppsFor

About Route Mapper. Plan and measure your walking, running or cycling routes by drawing them on the map with your fingertip! Trace your daily walking tours while traveling...

How accurate are Google Maps cycling time estimates?

Summary: Google Maps cycling directions are the primary route mapping tool used by cyclists. However, the recommended bike routes are generally...

Clean Ride Mapper helps cyclists avoid polluted air, find... - TreeHugger

Clean Ride Mapper/Screen capture. As you can see above, when you select a starting point and a destination, you get three routes. The blue one is the most direct one...

Flight/Airline Route Mapping - Innovata

Innovata is a trusted source for flight and airline route mapping solutions. Contact us for the most accurate and current mapping information.

How to Plan a Commuter Cycling Route - Maya Cycle

Bypass these stressors by learning how to map a successful cycling route. Think like a cyclist. As motorists, we tend to plan our routes based on the shortest distance between two points.

mapping bikeability - Cycling in Cities - Vancouver Bike Route Planner

We interviewed 74 cyclists about their cycling and driving trips, and compared features of the shortest routes between the start and end of their trips, and the route that was actually taken.

Traceroute mapper

Traceroute mapper. Run traceroute on your local machine, then paste the output here to map the route. Show example.

Map - Sustrans - Discover the National Cycle Network

Use our map to explore the National Cycle Network and find the perfect walking and cycling route for you.

How to map out a great cycling route - Canadian Cycling Magazine

In areas with fewer cycling friendly roads it can be hard and you may simply opt for doing the same route time and time again.

How to plan a route in Google Maps and export it to... - Beds for Cyclists

I find google maps an excellent tool for planning cycle routes along roads which I know, and using this method you can convert your planned route to a .gpx file.


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Cycle Map

Toucan crossing Cycle shop Steep gradient (pointing uphill) 45 National Cycle Network (or link) Cycle way (off-road) Recommended cycle route (on-road)...

Cycle Route

Cycle Network: Connected network of paths, cycleways, cycle lanes and streets that together provide a route for cyclists to move between destinations.

Runtastic Road Bike GPS Cycling Route Tracker

You can also use the app to connect with other cyclers and even compete for a spot on the leaderboard. MapMyRide - GPS Cycling and Route Tracker.