Efficiency and productivity in agriculture

Productivity and Efficiency

Agricultural productivity and efficiency is at the centre of many of the debates, policies and measures concerning the farming sector.

Efficiency of Agricultural Production

Dawit, K.M., Jerey, H.D. and Esendugue, G.F. (2013) Productivity and Efficiency of Small Scale Agriculture in Ethiopia. [Internet]. Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida, 3-5 February 2013.

Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency in Russia and Ukraine

Abstract. This study examines the impact of agriculture-specific and economywide institu-tional reform in Russia and Ukraine on the productivity and efficiency of agricul-tural production.

Difference between Efficiency and Productivity - Efficiency vs...

Efficiency and productivity are two important concepts in economics. Both concepts pertain to improving production in any company engaged in manufacturing, agriculture or the service sectors

Productivity and Efficiency of Agricultural Extension

However, most of those studies conducted earlier in Ethiopia, have focused on the technical efficiency, and not so much on factor productivity.

Key words: Agricultural water productivity, irrigation efficiency...

Looking for Water in the Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency Literature. Susanne M. Scheierling David O. Treguer James F. Booker Elisabeth Decker.

An evaluation of technical efficiency and agricultural productivity...

There are different techniques available for analysing productivity growth and efficiency measurement in agriculture, but two which includes Total Factor Productivity (TFP) and Technical Efficiency (TE) would be measured and analysed in this study.

OECD iLibrary - Competitiveness, Productivity and Efficiency in the...

This report reviews the literature on competitiveness, productivity and efficiency in the agricultural and agri-food sectors.

Competitiveness, Productivity and Efficiency in the Agricultural and...

"Water Productivity in Agriculture: Looking for Water in the Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency Literature," 2015 AAEA & WAEA Joint Annual Meeting, July 26-28, San Francisco, California 205677, Agricultural and Applied Economics Association;Western Agricultural Economics Association.

intercountry agricultural efficiency and productivity: a malmquist

...EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY: A MALMQUIST INDEX APPROACH By Michael A. Trueblood 2 U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Economic Research Service and Jay Coggins University of Minnesota, Dept. of Applied Economics Abstract: This article examines agricultural productivity...

Total Factor Productivity Growth in Agriculture

Centre for Efficiency and Productivity Analysis School of Economics. University of Queensland Brisbane, QLD, 4072 Australia. email

Intercropping for ecological and economic efficiency in agriculture

Human population growth, degraded lands, and stagnating productivity gains are combining to produce a global agricultural ...

Common Agricultural Policy support, technical efficiency... - Paperity

This paper investigates how the various changes in the policy supporting agriculture in the European Union, i.e. the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and various types of subsidies (investment, production and rural development) affected the technical efficiency and productivity change of...

Commercial Agriculture Production Efficiency and Productivity

Food and the Environment Menu. Commercial Agriculture Production Efficiency and Productivity. Environmental Protection and Enhancement. Farm Business Mangement. Farm Transition and Beginning Farmers.

Efficiency and total factor productivity in Ukrainian agriculture in...

This article analyzes efficiency and total factor productivity (TFP) change of large agricultural enterprises during their transition to a market economy in Ukraine.

Improving efficiency and productivity in the agriculture industry

Mr Lambro joined New Holland Agriculture in 1987 and he has gained extensive commercial experience in Europe, Central and

Improving agricultural farm specific efficiency and wheat...

Agriculture productivity and farm performance can be enhanced by applying improved production technologies which lead to more food production and ensure food security.

Efficiency of Agricultural Production

...that more than 48 million people (or 80 percent of the population) live in the rural area and their main source of income is agriculture.

Productivity and Efficiency Change in the Australian Broadacre...

Using state level data from 1990 to 2011, this study provides few useful insights into estimates of productivity and efficiency change in broadacre agriculture. This study finds decline in technical possibilities as the main drivers of low productivity in broadacre agriculture in Australia.

Sustainable agricultural productivity growth

This section focuses on available evidence and outlines the main developments in agricultural productivity and sustainability, the evolution of Agricultural

Sustaining Development and Biodiversity: Productivity, Efficiency...

Cato Institute Policy Analysis No. 175: Sustaining Development and Biodiversity: Productivity, Efficiency, and Conservation August 6, 1992

Agricultural Investment and Productivity un Developing Countries

An analysis of economic efficiency in agriculture: a nonparametric approach. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economic, 18(1): 1-16.

Agricultural Productivity Growth, Efficiency Change

Sectoral Productivity Growth in Agriculture: Crops and Livestock. Total Factor Productivity: Policy Reforms and External Shocks.

The Impact of Technology in Agriculture - Invested Development

To put this in perspective, less than 2% of the U.S. population is employed in agriculture. It was above 50% in the mid-1800s.

Impact of Agriculture Credit on Agriculture Productivity

Although the share of agriculture in the GDP has declined over the years, in line with Development of other sectors such as industry, infrastructure, services, etc., it still remains the leading sector of the economy.

Sources and Measurement of Agricultural

December 13, 2012. Sources and Measurement of Agricultural Productivity and Efficiency in Canadian Provinces: Crops and Livestock.

The Evans School Review

...participation in high value crops (such as horticulture in East Africa and specialty coffee in Rwanda), and increased efficiency in marketing staples (Staatz.

Agricultural productivity growth in the European

His research mainly focuses on efficiency and productivity measurement, energy economics and applied econometrics.


Working Paper No. 490 Productivity, Technical Efficiency, and Farm Size in Paraguayan Agriculture. by Thomas Masterson Research Scholar, The Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. February 2007.

Technical Efficiency and Productivity Differential Effects

We are not aware of any other study that analyzes and decomposes efficiency (technical efficiency) and productivity (technological or scale) effects.

EU Agricultural Markets Briefs - Productivity in EU agriculture

Productivity in EU agriculture. hence disposable income and the gradual shift towards the Western, more protein rich diet.

Technical efficiency and total factor productivity in Czech agriculture

Figure 1. Technical efficiency development in agriculture and by its sectors. Source: own calculations.

Agricultural total factor productivity change and

On the one hand, this is conditioned by a low elasticity of agricultural products demand, on the other hand by low efficiency of production factors in the ag-riculture in relation to other economic sectors, whereas an improvement in agriculture productivity is a prerequisite forstable economic...


(2009) find a statistically significant slowdown in productivity growth after 1990 in their study focusing on agricultural productivity between 1949 and 2002.

Solutions for

Agriculture must also provide desirable employment and optimized land use and productivity in relation to limiting resources.

Productivity in Chinese Provincial Agriculture

With the exception of Jiangxi, these provinces tended to be the leaders in agricultural productivity increases over the period.

Water use efficiency in agriculture - Water productivity at plant level

Nature 483: 525-527. 3. Water use efficiency in agriculture: measurement, current situation and trends 61. Gleick, P.H., Christian-Smith, J., Cooley, H. 2011. Water-use efficiency and productivity: Rethinking the basin approach.

The Productivity of Agricultural Credit in India

Overall, it is quite clear that input use is sensitive to credit flow, whereas GDP of agriculture is not. Credit seems therefore to be an enabling input, but one whose effectiveness is undermined by low technical efficiency and productivity.

State of Indian Agriculture

State of Indian Agriculture 2015-16. Drought Proofing and Water Use Efficiency 1.39 Water is the most critical resource for agriculture, gaining primacy even

1 Connected Agriculture: The role of mobile in driving efficiency and...

As well as suggesting ways in which mobile can improve agricultural productivity, this report is also an invitation to our customers, our suppliers, government

Enhancing Agricultural Productivity through Enhanced Water

Improving WUE in agriculture will require an increase in crop water productivity (an increase in marketable crop yield per unit of water used by plant) and reduction

2.3 The productivity, efficiency, and resiliency of peasant agriculture

The only agricultural system that will be able to confront future challenges is one that will exhibit high levels of diversity, productivity, and efficiency top


Africa sees risk reduction as one of the key drivers of the adop-tion of innovation in agriculture, and hence of productivity growth.


Linking into global value chains improves the productivity and efficiency of the sector, and the skills of workers.

Agricultural productivity in south africa

Even United States Department of Agriculture (1980) stated that agricultural productivity statistics are important to

Your sustainable farming - 02. Efficient Productivity

More efficient farming. Want to consign the age-old trade-off between environmentally friendly farming and productive agriculture to the history books?

Impact of irrigation on agriculture productivity in solapur

The agricultural productivity is closely related to the per hectare yields, where as the agricultural efficiency is much more than agricultural productivity and

Keywords: Agricultural productivity, technical efficiency, growth, rice...

This study engaged both Stochastic Frontier and Data Envelopment Analyses in estimating technical efficiency and productivity growth respectively among rice farmers in Nigeria.

Increasing productivity in irrigated agriculture: Agronomic

Keywords: Irrigation efficiency; Evaporation and transpiration; Water use efficiency; Irrigation technology; Productivity of water.

Impact of irrigation on agriculture productivity in solapur

The agricultural productivity is closely related to the per hectare yields, where as the agricultural efficiency is much more than agricultural productivity and

The comparative analysis of agricultural sector productivity

2.3. Agricultural Productivity in North Cyprus. Productivity could be defined as the efficiency relationship between the input values and the output values.

Agricultural Productivity and

1.2 Agricultural Productivity in Brazil: Conquests and Contrasts. Brazilian agriculture exemplifies both conquests and contrasts.

Agricultural Productivity and technological gap between MENA

Earlier research has identified negative productivity growth in agriculture in developing countries. These results imply that recent growth was based mainly on an increase in resource base instead of an increase in the quality and efficiency of resource use and the adoption of new techniques.

Climate Change and Agriculture

7. Impact on agricultural productivity without carbon fertilization (%) Source: Cline (2007). 18. Impact of climate change on food production systems.

Africa Agriculture

In: Water productivity in agriculture: Limits and opportunities for improvement J.W. Kijne, R. Barker and D.Molden(eds.)

Our current trajectory with food is not sustainable.

Closing the current gap in agricultural productivity will require a significant increase in agricultural yields around the world.

Resource Use Efficiency in Agriculture

1965 onwards (VanderMeer, CABO-DLO, Wageningen, pers. com.). Resource use efficiency in agriculture. 129.

Agricultural productivity growth in Orissa, India: Crop

in agricultural productivity and efficiency and what are the choices to increase production at district level?

Productivity Growth - реферат, курсовая работа, диплом.

" Schultz (1964, pp. 145-147) wrote: The principle sources of high productivity in modern agriculture are reproducible sources.

The Study of Total Efficiency of Agricultural Productivity Factors In...

The agricultural sector is one of the productive sectors which has so much importance in societies economy. The sector and its dependent industries specialize a crucial part of gross

Sustainable agricultural productivity growth

6. This section focuses on available evidence and outlines the main developments in agricultural productivity and sustainability, the evolution of


A sustainable agriculture system must produce nutritious and safe foods that are accessible and affordable. All food has an environmental impact

Prices, Agriculture and Food

The transformation in agriculture has to be steered by raising productivity in agriculture, by investing in efficient irrigation technologies, and efficient use of all inputs.

Trend in Productivity research in Bangladesh Agriculture: A

Changes in productivity in Bangladesh agriculture are issues of continuing research and policy interest.

Capacity Utilization and Productivity Analysis in

While the current environment offers opportunities for the agriculture and food processing industries, the sector also faces a number of significant


Department of agricultural economics, agribusiness &extension. College of agriculture & renewable natural resources.

1 Connected Agriculture: The role of mobile in driving efficiency and...

As well as suggesting ways in which mobile can improve agricultural productivity, this report is also an invitation to our customers, our suppliers, government

Biodiversity for Food

In so doing, they benefit from positive cascading effects on the efficiency and productivity of the entire system, as in the case of conservation agriculture and organic agriculture. Integrated pest management practices are...

Agricultural Productivity in India

This situation calls for a critical estimation of the labour productivity in agriculture and allied sector of the country.

International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics

5. Conclusion. Access to credit plays a significant role in input utilization and in achieving technical efficiency in agriculture.

Objective 1: Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural-Led Economic...

IR 3: Increased employment and entrepreneurship. The transformation of food and agriculture systems, based on underlying productivity drivers, consumer preferences, and market efficiencies, can be a major contributor to poverty reduction through the many multipliers transformation can...

1 Connected Agriculture: The role of mobile in driving efficiency and...

As well as suggesting ways in which mobile can improve agricultural productivity, this report is also an invitation to our customers, our suppliers, government

Organic Agriculture - Increased productivity in developing countries

Practitioners of organic agriculture can enhance efficiency and increase productivity, but this should not be at the risk of jeopardizing health and well-being.