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She is joyful when Cinna makes Katniss and Peeta unforgettable again with his choice of costume, causing great discord and awe to ripple among the other tributes.

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Effie Trinket Costume The Hunger Games The Reaping Suit

Effie Trinket, the Capitol villainess from The Hunger Games, might be the best costume this Halloween season! This costume is a replica of that which she wore during the reaping. Included in this costume are: Jacket Skirt Neck piece Wig Flower clip.

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Effie Trinket Costume? Hi so im dressing up as Effie Trinket from the hunger games for halloween, and i have no clue how to put my costume together, and i need a dress like that pink one she wore in the reaping.. well and suggestions would help please help thanks!

Coolest Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games Girl Halloween Costume

I started sewing this costume in September after modifying a blazer pattern to add the extremely puffy sleeves and peplum at the waist.

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DIY Effie Trinket Costume

Effie Trinket Costume Photo via Jdursh.blogspot.com. Effie is known for her pale skin, bright lips and bright hair.

This Effie Trinket Costume Is Beyond Gorgeous

One genius Reddit user spent 36 hours and made 568 (fake!) butterfly wings and magically transformed into The Hunger Games's Effie Trinket.

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Effie Trinket Costume. Effie Trinket Costume with pink Hair, makeup tutorial, and outfit. To really become Effie Trinket from the Reaping scene in.

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So start preparing your Effie Trinket costume now with this handy tutorial. Check out the entire 'What's Up, Boo?' series and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

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SO finally here is my fav Effie Trinket look..I meant she's got an Alexander McQueen butterfly dress, butterflies in her hair, on her lashes, all that yellow up on her face!

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Смотреть видео Effie Trinket Costume Makeup онлайн, скачать на мобильный. 519,596.

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Effie Trinket Costume From... The Hunger Games: Catching... Effie Trinket Reaping Hung... A Stunning New Innovation ...

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Effie Trinket Dress for Sale. 600 × 806 Source:https://www.pinterest.com/explore/effie-trinket-costume/.

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Видео Effie Trinket Costume Makeup порадует Вас хорошим качеством воспроизведения!

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Effie Trinket Costumes for Women. The District 12 mentor is an embodiment fashion and boldness and to be like her you need the right attitude. Hunger Games Effie Trinket Costume.

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The Crazy Costume Evolution of Effie from The Hunger Games. The series may be only four films long, but Effie Trinket offers up an endless line of eye-popping outfits.

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on the right is Katniss and on the left is Effie. PLZ do not copy i know it does not look good so PLz DON'T MAKE FUN OF IT.

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SO finally here is my fav Effie Trinket look..I meant she's got an Alexander McQueen butterfly dress, butterflies in her hair, on her lashes, all that yellow up on her face!

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Catching Fire Effie Trinket Reaping #36 Ranked Keyword. Effie Hunger Games Outfit #37 Ranked Keyword.

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...drinking rules involves taking a shot every time it changes) but the pink puffy sleeved jacket look that she wore during the Reaping is the one she is most remembered for. In this guide we'll be looking at how to put that outfit together. How to Create an Effie Trinket Outfit. 80's Soap Star Adult Costume.

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Trinket - Trinket & Train: Gigabeat Launch Party, 2000 03:55. Trinket - The Clockwork Dolls: Colette Explains "Pregnant Barbie" to Trinket 00:44.

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Effie Trinket Butterfly Costume. Reference pics & supplies. Amazon.com: effie trinket costume. Make-Up Your Face - Check out Effie Trinket Make-Up Tutorials on. Beauty & Personal Care: See all 4 items.

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Coolest Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games Girl Halloween Costume. September after modifying a blazer pattern to add the extremely puffy. neck and hot glued flowers to this to recreate the Effie Trinket reaping.

The Hunger Games' Effie Trinket Outfits - A Very Unique Costume

Probably the most recognizable Effie Trinket costume would be the one that we see when she's drawing the names at the Reaping. This outfit was seen in the trailers for the movie so people who haven't watched the Hunger Games yet may also be familiar with it.

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Фигурка Funko Pop Эффи Тринкет - Голодные игры (Effie Trinket - The Hunger Games). Артикул: 6186.

Chapter 5 - End of All Days *Discontinued

Effie Trinket was a little flustered, not sure how to handle a volunteer. The brunette stood to the side of Effie.

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@CinnaStyles_ and @Fashion_Trinket (Effie) have finally arrived for my pre wedding photo shoot. 0 ответов 1 ретвит 2 отметки «Нравится».

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Ship : Haymitch Abernathy and Effie Trinket All the rights to Lionsgate Music : Only You Give your Likes and feedbacks please !

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Costume - Valkyrie Design: Delphe Knights Costume - Warrior Design: Delphe Knights Costume - Witch Design: Delphe Knights Costume - Wizard

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There are also spells which can be triggered through trinkets! Unique Bosses - the scars in time are protected by strong enemies which require careful preparation to beat. There is the chance you will encounter one before you are prepared - try your best to survive and reap the rewards!

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We have a bigger issue than wardrobe, Miss Trinket. У нас дела поважнее гардероба, мисс Тринкет.

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The Hunger Games Cosplay Costume Katniss Everdeen Cosplay Fire Girl Outfit Suit Coat Women Halloween Party Custom Made Adult.


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The first half hour or so focuses on the pre-arena events, the reaping, the chariot ride through the Capitol, our training scores, and our interviews.

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Não é a primeira vez que ela aparece irreconhecível para um papel, o que já havia acontecido em Jogos Vorazes, quando deu vida à Effie Trinket com seus looks espalhafatosos.

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Katniss Everdeen Finnick Odair Peeta Mellark Effie Trinket Gale Hawthorne - The Hunger Games Free Png Image.

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The Reaping (2007). Hilary Swank stars in this movie about a former Christian missionary who sets out to help a small Louisiana town overtaken by seven biblical-like plagues.