Equip spell cards

Top 6 Equip Spells in Yu-Gi-Oh - HobbyLark
Yu-Gi-Oh's EquipSpells. Any duelist worth their Blue-Eyes knows that players construct their deck with a combination of monster, Spell, and Trap cards. Each of these broad categories contains specific.

Top 10 Best Equip Spells in Yugioh - QTopTens
Equipspells have to be the most unsupported spell “type” in all of Yugioh. The few releases we get are either archetype specific or absurdly bad. Thankfully, there are still plenty of older cards that can.

Scripting equip spell cards - Card scripts - YGOPRO - Forum
hi, i was trying to script some equipspellcard but since it's the first time i try to do that i'm a bit confused <_< i have already scripted 2 cards but i need help to complete them. This is the first one.