Everest base camp kit list

Everest Base Camp kit list - Wanderlust
List Words: Phoebe Smith - 01 July. EverestBaseCampkitlist. Taking the right kit can make the difference between a good and a great trip so pack wisely!

Trekking in Nepal; Kit List for Everest Base Camp
This list is a companion post to EverestBaseCamp – A Survival Guide, providing a comprehensive kitlist for those attempting the challenging journey.

Kit List for Everest Base Camp - To Kilimanjaro (and beyond?)
I started to lay out my kit too, and buying the last few items that I will need. More on those later, but for now I thought I’d put down here the kit that I am taking. If anyone out there wishes to comment on the appropriateness or otherwise of what I have here, then I’d be very grateful.