Ipod went through washing machine

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My Ipodwentthrough the washingmachine accidentally about 4 weeks ago. It is a 4th Generation Nano. It wentthrough and can turn on fine when it is plugged into something it can pull power from, but once i take it out, it shuts off. I am sure it is water damage to the battery.

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i got an ipod touch 16 gb and it went though the washingmachine. it must of got roughed up a little because the back came off. it was stuckin my jeans pocket tho.everything else looks fine tho, like inside it the borads all intact and stuff. the paint chipped off on the edge but thats all. is there any way it.

What to do when your ipod goes through the washing machine
If your iPod Touch wentthrough the washingmachine and all of the buttons work but not the touch screen what should you do? There's not much you can do from here. The water must have gotten into the circuitry of the iPod and damaged the touch sensors. This may or may not be able to be fixed.

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If your iPod Touch went for an unexpected ride through the spin cycle, there is a simple fix you can try in order to keep it alive. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your iPod Touch will ever come back to life, and water damage is not covered by Apple's warranty. Before you throw in the towel, however.

iPod Nano goes through washing machine still works
Charlie Sorrel from Wired managed to out his iPod Nano, through his washingmachine and amazing he got it working again after it had dried out. The iPod sat for almost a week on a warm and breezy window sill until the last remains of water had disappeared from behind its single gleaming eye.