Jatech rotary drop door

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Jatech LLC is a California Limited Liability Company formed to promote the Founders proprietary inventions, the Retractable Vehicle Door, also know as the Disappearing Car Door and RotaryDropDoor and other technologies. This ground breaking, game changing technology has been developed.

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Rotarydropdoors can be installed in place of a car's standard hinged front doors or -- with the removal of the central b-pillar -- can be extended to allow entry to both the front and rear compartments. Both solutions, according to Jatech, provide a significant improvement in the strength, stiffness and.

Disappearing Car Doors by JATECH - Mission Galactic Freedom
The Jatechrotarydropdoor is much different that the concepts used in the 1897 Benz coupe and even cars today. Without the presence of hinges the car door slides up and down. The owner is not required to pull a handle as with traditional models. Stuck in a tight parking spot?

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A disappearing door is a type the slides down and under the vehicle. This type makes the whole side of the passenger compartment open, and only leaves a threshold to step over to get in and out. Also called the Jatechrotarydropdoor, or disappearing car door.

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