Koko crater hike

Hiking the Koko Crater Trail
KokoCrater Trail, better known as “Koko Head Stairs”, is your StairMaster workout for the day, with a rewarding panoramic view up top. This Oahu hike will test your endurance and strength to.

Koko Crater Arch - UnrealHawaii.com
Most people know KokoCrater for the tramway trail that goes straight up the face of it. People hike up it regularly to get a work out. I try to go once a week or so to get some cardio exercise.

Hiking Koko Crater Stairs - Hawaii.com
HikingKokoCrater Stairs. By Rasa Fournier. - Favorite This. Each time I subject myself to KokoCrater Stairs, I swear I won’t ever do it again. But the thrill of elevating myself 1,208 feet along 1,048.

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The kokocrater railway was a tough and challenging hike. These stairs were not forgiving, but words of encouragement from strangers that have reached the top and on there way down have kept us going.

Koko Crater on Oahu, Hawaii
KokoCrater (see more photos, view panorama), a tuff cone rising 1,208 feet (368 m), is one of the most popular landmarks on Oahu's south shore. Even from a distance one can see the hiking trail.

Koko crater hike - Russ Pope
Kokocraterhike. November 27, 2013 by Russ Pope Leave a Comment. Hiked to top of KokoCrater on the South side of the island bright and early this morning.