Lafayette radio electronics catalog

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LafayetteRadioElectronicscatalog no. 613 = 1960/61 64 pages, size 368 x 275 mm, Copyright 1960 by LafayetteRadioElectronics Corp., New York Same outlets as no. 612 but now 8 franchise dealers instead of 4. The new ones are: Bridgeport (Conn.), Groton (Conn.), Albany (N.Y.) and Pittsburgh (PA).

Lafayette Radio Electronics Catalog Vintage 1962 - #76433349
from the LafayetteRadioElectronics Corporation; Syosset, Long Island, NY. For Electronics Science and Technology. Contains a wide variety of vintage type parts; everything from Radios, Headphones, Speakers and thier parts and everything between. Pages and pictures are in Black and White.