Lake owen gymnastics camp

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In remembrance of LakeOwenCamp, 4 years ago today Go Skateboarding Day 2013 our all volunteer crew rolled up to LOC for the first time to start the disassembly of LakeOwenCamp and change the course of Green Bay Skateboarding History! This was day 1 of the #lakeowenproject and it was epic.

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LakeOwen is an amazing camp. Not only are they a gymnasticscamp but they also have an action sports side to the camp. When you first arrive in Cable, WI you will be surprised at how small and tiny the town is.population 500ish. But there is a really great feel to it.

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I went to LakeOwen for the gymnastics, But they also offer cheer leading, skateboarding, BMX biking, and scootering. I had an amazing time here, not only did they get you

Gymnast Amelia Rew: Summer at Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp
Friday, January 06, 2006. Summer at LakeOwenGymnasticsCamp. Amelia and Neena sharing a fun moment together at camp. Tessa Dee and Amelia on Amelia's 14th birthday eating cake!!! Mr. Jones, Amelia's mentor , head coach, and biggest fan!! Jesus, LakeOwencamp director in charge of.

Destiny gets her kip at Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp
Destiny finally get's her kip the last day at LakeOwengymnasticscamp. She went to session 1 in 2011. She is a 7 year old training for level 5. Check out the huge smile when she gets it.