My little pony animation creator

My Little Pony Animated Scene Creator! : D on Scratch
Drag the pony from the side that you want in the scene. They are animated, so it will look AWESOME!!!: D. Notes and Credits (added by 22spearc). I give credit to chaos23bt!: D:P.

Pony Creator - Create Your Pony
While the animated series MyLittlePony conquers millions of small fans, the original PonyCreator 3D game became a real hit among the princesses who dream of their own pony, the horse that remained in their dreams after watching the next series of this great story.

My Little Pony: Flash resource kit (version 2.4) by Drud14 on DeviantArt
The Double Rainboom team created excellent animation puppets, which were taken down. The Double Rainboom assets can be downloaded HERE: (thanks to Electro-BLITZ for the files).