Nursing handoffs a systematic review of the literature

Nursing Handoffs: A Systematic Review of the Literature : AJN The...
Methods: We conducted asystematicreviewof English-language articles, published between January 1, 1987, and August 4, 2008, that focused on nursinghandoffs in the United States.

Nursing handoffs: a systematic review of the literature.
This review assessed theliterature on nursinghandoffs. Although numerous strategies were anecdotally reported to be helpful, there was little empirical research to support them.

Systematic Research Review Nursing Handoffs It Is Research Paper
The purpose ofthesystematic research review, "NursingHandoffs: ASystematicReviewoftheLiterature" was to determine what are safe and effective practices regarding this aspect of nursing care based upon the evidence provided by existing empirical studies.

A systematic review of the literature on the evaluation of handoff...
Objective Given the complexities ofthe healthcare environment, efforts to develop standardized handoff practices have led to widely varying manifestations of handoff tools. Asystematicreviewoftheliterature on handoff evaluation studies was performed to investigate the nature, methodological.