Panther chameleon diet

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Panther Chameleon Suppliments – Calcium, Vitamins, and Minerals
How often is the PantherChameleon exposed to natural sunlight? (PantherChameleons that spend a lot of time outside in natural sunlight need very little (or no) supplementary D3 in their diet.

Chameleon Food and Diet Guide - Top 10 Species
What do PantherChameleons Eat? The best diet for a pantherchameleon is a varied diet. Although crickets are their main staple food, super worm, silk worms, wax worms, roaches, and stick bugs.

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PantherChameleons can be fed a staple diet of crickets. In general, crickets should be as long as your chameleon’s head is wide. Baby and juvenile PantherChameleons should be fed once or twice.