Papa smurf and smurfette costumes

The Smurfs Smurfette and Papa Smurf Makeup and Costumes
We loved the latest movie The Smurfsand The Lost Village and wanted to show you guys what to use to look like PapaSmurfandSmurfette. We hope you guys like this Smurfs makeup and give it a THUMBS up if you did! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more fun makeup tutorials.

How to Dress Up as a Smurf or Smurfette / Make a Smurf Costume...
Need a Smurf or Smurfettecostume? Want to look exactly like PapaSmurf, complete with red hat, red pants and blue skin? Then look no further than this page! Here you'll learn all the secret tips of the trade - including exactly what body paint to use, and how to get your hat looking just right!

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Coolest Homemade Papa Smurf and Smurfette Costumes
I must admit – Papasmurf looked awesome! Smurfette’s face paint didn’t go on as well… Papasmurf used blue hair spray for his face… I did not! So maybe with a bit more planning find some better or professional face paints that will go on more even.