Pawn movement in chess

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Pawnmovement. Pink5. 11 days ago #1. Just started up some chess again after many years off, learning up younger family to play then i cant remember the rules for the Pawn when there is a opponent in the diagonal in front that the Pawn can take out.

Pawn Movement - Chess Forums -
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Chess Rules for the Movement of the Pawn
PawnMovement. Pawn Move Diagram. There are eight pawns situated on each side of the board. They are the least powerful piece on the chess board, but have the potential to become equal to the most powerful.

Pawn (chess) - Movement
Pawnmovement: A pawn can move to the square directly in front of itself, if that square is clear. A pawn on its starting rank has the option of moving two squares. Chess pieces.

<Java> Chess pawn movement issue
i'm making a chess game in java, and pawns are giving me a hell of a problem. I honestly don't know why, as their movement is the simplest. Here's the Piece declaration, and the Pawn (extends Piece) declaration. The movement class defines a simple x;y object that i use to mark possible movement.