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Hits and Misses of Phil Steele's 2013-2014 College Football Bowl...
His 2013-2014bowlprojections have Alabama and Ohio State playing for the last BCS championship before a playoff is ushered into college football. The other teams that will make BCS bowls, according to PhilSteele, include Florida State and Louisville in the Orange Bowl, Georgia and Notre Dame in.

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However, college football analyst PhilSteeleprojected prior to the game that neither an ACC nor an SEC team would be selected for the game, projecting that the Minnesota Golden Gophers

11 SEC teams will go bowling, according to Phil Steele
College football analyst PhilSteele says 11 SEC teams will reach the postseason in 2014. Steele has Alabama playing in the College Football Playoff championship

Phil Steele's 2014 college football strength of schedule rankings
PhilSteele has published his 2014 college football strength of schedule rankings. Notre Dame has the toughest schedule in 2014, per Steele.

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