Posterior cervix during pregnancy

Posterior cervix in pregnancy - Things You Didn’t Know
Can happen: The cervix swells with blood duringpregnancy. This can cause oozing from the cervix. But you'll want to be sure the bleeding isn't from an

Shortening of the cervix during pregnancy
If the cervix is ??shortened duringpregnancy, this is the reason for close monitoring of the gynecologist. When this problem is caused by an excess of androgens, it is usually prescribed treatment with the drug dexamethasone. Also for the treatment of drugs are used.

Cervix during Pregnancy - Asdnyi
CervixduringPregnancy What Happens to CervixDuringPregnancy? A woman's cervix is the neck of the uterus, which extends into their vagina. This narrow tube or canal remains open, just big enough to allow sperms to enter or to let blood flow out during menstruation.

What Happens to Cervix During Pregnancy?
Cervical Changes DuringPregnancy. When pregnancy is still fresh (about 12 weeks) the position of the cervix rises, but it does not go as up as to its initial position before implantation. The cervix softens (or ripens as some people refer to it). The woman can herself feel these changes using her finger.