Rcbs accessory base plate

RCBS Accessory Base Plate-3 - 33% Off Free Shipping over $49!
Features of RCBSBasePlate 3 for Accessories: Quickly Mount or Dismount RCBS Pro Chucker 5, Pro Chucker 7, The Grand shotshell, Rock Chucker Supreme, Summit, Trim Pro-2 Case Trimmers, Trim Pro, Powder Measure Stand, Lube-A-Matic-2, Reloader Special, Rock Chucker, Pro 2000, Turret.

Rcbs Accessory Base Plate - Natchez
RCBSAccessoryBasePlate. Save time, space and eliminate a loading bench top full of holes. Simply attach the BasePlate-3 to any work surface, then use the pre-tapped, letter-coded holes to quickly mount or dismount RCBS Pro Chucker 5, Pro Chucker 7, the Grand shotshell, Rock Chucker.