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RettSyndrome was first identified as a distinct syndrome by the Austrian doctor Andreas Rett in 1966. In 1999 a team led by Dr. Huda Zoghbi at Baylor College, Houston USA discovered that a large.

About Rett Syndrome - FAQs -, registered as the International RettSyndrome Foundation is known for it’s mission to accelerate full spectrum research to cure Rettsyndrome and empower families with information.

A Story of Rett Syndrome
This blog is dedicated to her and to all girls with RettSyndrome. By the way, the previous link is to the International RettSyndrome Association (IRSA). They are a great organization and I will refer to.

Rett Syndrome
A blog about RettSyndrome. NOT for the newly diagnosed families. This blog will offer an attempt at the perspective of the Rett girl - brutally honest, painfully perceptive, joyfully hopeful.

Rett Syndrome
This blog was designed with the general public in mind. My hope is to be able to provide easily accessible information about RettSyndrome, so that they may better understand this genetic.

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RettSyndrome (RTT) is a debilitating neurological disorder diagnosed almost exclusively in females. Children with RTT appear to develop normally until 6 to 18 months of age when they enter a period of.

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Rettsyndrome (symbolized RTT) is caused by sporadic mutations in the gene MECP2 located on the X chromosome. It almost exclusively affects girls -- male fetuses with the disorder rarely survive to term.

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Welcome to the official CNY/Upstate New York RettSyndromeblog. I plan to post breaking news, information about upcoming events, fundraisers, and basically anything related to RettSyndrome.

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RettSyndrome 101 – Dr. Mario Petersen. Rett Siblings – Kathy Schnebly. Education for the Young Child – Joey Razzano and Robyn Skupa. Transitions into Adult Living: The Friendship Project.