Stamp act tar and feather

The Stamp Act
The StampAct March 1765-1766 The Plot  The StampAct was a tax passed by the British Parliament on the Colonies to help pay for the F/I War and to fund a permanent military force in the colonies.

BUFORD's Class
Bostonians Paying the Taxman American colonist tarandfeather a tax collector, and pour hot tea down his throat. Notice: (a) Liberty Tree as gallows [a place to hang someone] (b) StampAct posted upside down (c) Customs official tarredandfeathered yes.

Stamp Act of 1765
The StampAct required various items such as licenses, documents, diplomas and nearly every paper item to be printed on stamped or embossed paper in the American colonies. This meant that the American colonists were obliged to pay a fee on almost every piece of paper used for legal documents.