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Altai Mountains - mountain range, Asia -
AltaiMountains: AltaiMountains, complex mountain system of Central Asia extending approximately 1,200 miles (2,000 km) in a southeast-northwest direction from the Gobi (Desert) to the West Siberian.

Golden Mountains of Altai - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
TheAltaimountains in southern Siberia form the major mountain range in the western Siberia biogeographic region and provide the source of its greatest rivers – the Ob and the Irtysh.

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AltaiMountains– are a unique area of unmatched beauty and pristine nature, is called the Pearl of Russia. We have designed the best tours for you, which will help you to enjoy the best of theAltai.

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The name "Altay" (or "Altai") comes from Mongolian "Altan", which means "golden". Altaymountains are truly one of the nature's most marvelous gems, amazing by its diversity and beauty.

The Altai Mountains: Siberian Switzerland
TheAltaiMountains are located in the very heart of Russia — near the Russian border with Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. They are often called “Russian Tibet”, “Siberian Switzerland” and.

Altai Mountains (Golden Mountains of Altai), Russia - Map, Facts...
The Golden Mountains of Altai are noted for their high level of biodiversity and a variety of vegetation zones, from steppe and forest-steppe, to mixed forest, subalpine vegetation, and alpine vegetation.

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Golden Mountains in the centre of Eurasia. TheAltai-Sayan ecoregion is one of the last remaining untouched areas of the world. TheAltai-Sayan Ecoregion situated on the boundary between Siberian.