The best life diet bob greene

The Best Life Diet book by Bob Greene
Best-life advocate BobGreene positions the ideas in this cookbook as a "gift that you give to yourself and your loved ones." Home-cooked meals made from fresh, natural ingredients will make you feel better, live longer and bond with your family and friends. Makes sense to me.

Bob Greene's Best Life Diet - Good Housekeeping
A for-life approach to diet and fitness by Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer, BobGreene, that focuses on overcoming emotional eating triggers. Greene recommends eating meals and snacks on a fixed daily schedule and gradually increasing the amount and intensity of exercise.

Bob Greene's Best Life Diet Recipes -
BobGreene is a personal trainer and best known for helping Oprah lose weight. He helps his clients deal with their emotional eating disorders and helps you not only achieve physical health, but mental health as well. The recipes in this section are based off the principles taught by BobGreene and will.