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Tom Cruise Is Reportedly Back In Suri Cruise’s Life After She Pleads...
TomCruise is reportedly ready to be back in his daughter Suri’s life after the upset 12-year-old wrote several letters and recorded many voicemails asking him to reconnect with her.

Tom Cruise Can See Suri 10 Days a Month, But Hasn’t Seen Her in...
TomCruise can see his 12-year-old daughter, Suri Crusie, 10 days a month per his divorce agreement with Katie Holmes, but chooses not to, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively — details.

Suri Begs Daddy Tom Cruise To Visit Her
SuriCruise has begged her famous father Tom, “Daddy, come home!” exclusively learned their strained relationship could be repaired after she implored him to visit her, a source said.

Why hasn't Tom Cruise seen Suri Cruise in years?
TomCruise allegedly hasn't seen his beloved (and infamous) daughter Suri, whom he had with ex-wife Katie Holmes, in a really long time—we're talking years, according to the tabloids.

Is Tom Cruise Estranged From Suri? - The Daily Beast
But, much like TomCruise himself, Cruise-Suri rumors refused to go into retirement. In 2015, sources close to Holmes claimed to TMZ that Tom hadn’t seen his 8-year-old daughter in almost a year.

Tom Cruise and Suri Cruise -
According to reports, Cruise has allegedly not seen Suri in almost a year now. We have just heard that source close to TomCruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmes are saying that TomCruise hasn’t seen his.