Transcendental meditation side effects

Transcendental Meditation: A quick introduction
MEDITATION AND BRAIN: Some of the best, most revealing research on the effects of meditation practice has involved different methods of neurophysiological brain imaging. Photo: University of Illinois. According to research, the practice of TranscendentalMeditation is unique in many a sense.

Transcendental Meditation for Depression - Effects on Body and Mind
TranscendentalMeditation (TM) is known to have extremely positive effects on depression. Why TranscendentalMeditation? Of all the meditation and relaxation programs in the world, TM is the most widely researched and studied, with over 340 peer-reviewed articles published on the subject.

How TM Works - Transcendental Meditation
Studies show that TranscendentalMeditation practitioners will, after an average of 3 months of regular practice of the technique, also remain a lot calmer outside their meditation, as measured by 4 different variables –.