Tyler the creator mountain dew commercial

Tyler, the Creator’s Controversial Mountain Dew Ad Pulled Off the Air
A spokeswoman for MountainDew’s parent company, PepsiCo, said Tyler, theCreator had “final approval” for the commercial, but she wasn’t aware of

Mountain Dew Commercial #3 Directed by Tyler, the Creator
For Tyler, theCreator‘s third MountainDewcommercial, Felicia the Goat is in a police lineup with some shady characters. We’ve seen what Felicia’s capable of in a restaurant and on the road. That’s when she’s playing. This commercial shows a more serious side of her.

Tyler The Creator Responds To Mountain Dew Commercial Backlash
Earlier this week MountainDew faced a hailstorm of criticism stemming from their new commercial, developed by rapper Tyler, TheCreator

Tyler, The Creator's Mountain Dew Goat Ad - Business Insider
When MountainDew released its first "Felicia the Goat" commercial on March 20, PepsiCo thought it had a good thing going. The spot is bizarre: An angry goat (voiced by rapper Tyler, TheCreator) beats up a waitress after she fails to give him enough fluorescent green soda. The ad press loved it.

Tyler, the Creator Debuts Second Mountain Dew Commercial
Tyler, theCreator reprises his role as Felicia the Goat in his second commercial for MountainDew, which he directed. After speeding on the highway, Felicia gets pulled over by a police officer (“Loiter Squad’s” Lionel Boyce) for a “Dew-U-I.” The cop opens his trunk to find it filled with MountainDew.

Tyler, The Creator's Mountain Dew Ads Yanked After Racist Charges
Musically Tyler, theCreator is often heralded for his off-beat brand of creativity, but with his most recent MountainDew ad, one social activist is charging that the Odd Future de facto leader has gone too far. In "MountainDew Releases Arguably the Most Racist Commercial in History.

Tyler, the Creator Defends Mountain Dew Ad - Pitchfork
Earlier this week, MountainDew pulled an ad spot directed by Tyler, theCreator, which scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins called "arguably the most racist commercial in history." In the clip, a battered woman attempted to identify her attacker from a police line-up comprised of young black men (played by.

PepsiCo Pulls Tyler, The Creator's Third Mountain Dew Commercial
We have removed it from all MountainDew channels and Tyler is removing it from his channels as well.” The internet works in mysterious ways. The commercial is hosted on Youtube under the name “The Most Racist MountainDewCommercial Ever.”