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The President of the UnitedStates appoints individuals to the position of Assistant AttorneyGeneral with the advice and consent of the Senate.[1] UnitedStates Department of Justice components that are led by an Assistant AttorneyGeneral are

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The USAttorneyGeneral (AG) is the head of the US Department of Justice and is the chief law enforcement officer of the US government. This is part two of a series; see part one, 1980-2008. Griffin Boyette Bell, 72nd AttorneyGeneral. Georgia Public Broadcasting.

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UnitedStatesAttorneyGeneral's wiki: The UnitedStatesAttorneyGeneral ( A.G. ) is the head of the UnitedStates Department of Justice per 28 U.S.C., concerned with legal affairs, and is the chief lawyer of the UnitedStates government. Also in cases of the federal death pe.

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The UnitedStatesAttorneyGeneral is responsible for enforcing civil rights, blocking or preventing unfair consumer practices and improving the lives of each citizen by proposing various policy changes, such as environmental protection laws and alterations to criminal procedures.